1. When someone takes a bad picture of me:

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  2. jumpshot



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  3. "Your crush went from Single to In a relationship."

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  4. Losing your phone

    so you are just like:

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  5. When I see a bad driver and realize they have Abu Dhabi plates

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  6. When someone says Doha is the new Dubai

    But let’s be honest: 

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  7. When I stop at a red light on Jumeirah Beach Road and the car next to me wants to race

    How I think I’ll be:

    How I actually feel: 

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  8. When a driver passes me and gets caught by the speed radar

    But when it happens to me: 

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  9. When people walk past me at Reem Al Bawadi

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  10. When I bring visitors to the Palm Jumeirah for the first time

    Their reaction:

    My reaction: 

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  11. When I miss my exit on SZR and I have to drive forever to get back

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  12. When I found out Pizza Hut makes a Cheeseburger Pizza

    At first I was like

    But after I saw it, I was like

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  13. When I see Sheikh Mohammed driving around in his G-class

    At first I’m like:

    And them I’m like: 

    But finally…

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  14. When an expat says they prefer to walk instead of drive

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  15. When I have friends visiting in summer and they want to walk around Deira

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